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The next Pump Gas race is scheduled for Saturday June 23, 2007
at Cecil County Raceway, Rising Sun, Maryland
Spectacular cars and racing records are expected at this event.

Visit our Pump Gas Race Forum
and discuss race issues with other high performance Drivers!

For more information about the Pump Gas Race Series please contact the
Pump Gas Race Director
The Pump Gas Challenge consists of two race categories for “Street Machines” that drag race on Pump Gas with Street Legal D.O.T tires. The two categories consist of a motor only and power adder class.

The 1st race category is “Supreme Street” which is intended for naturally aspirated “Street Legal” cars that race on all motor power with a stock suspension. No power adders are allowed in this class.

The 2nd race category is the “Ultra Street” Class which is intended for power aided “Street Machines” that race with Nitrous Oxide Injection, Turbo chargers or Supercharger.

These classes are intended for production based high performance street legal cars that are modified to perform drag race duties with a minimum weight for car and driver of 3300 lbs. Engine technology is limited to production based cylinder heads and intake manifolds for this street legal style race class.

Please review the Pump Gas Challenge Race Rules for information regarding racing opportunities.

Invitation To Race

This race series serves as an invitation for all high performance enthusiasts that have Street-Legal Muscle cars to demonstrate the level of performance that they can ultimately achieve in drag racing competition.

This is the ultimate street-legal drag race series that will help to determine the real performance capability of these pump gas muscle cars, which will also serve to showcase the talent and skill of the owners, drivers, tuners, engine builders, performance shops and race teams that are in competition to be the quickest, fastest and victorious in each class of pump gas racing.

Pump Gas Challenge Drag Racing

The Pump Gas Challenge provides drag racing opportunities for street-legal cars that can drive on the street and more specifically, this race series is intended for cars that actually do drive on the Street.

To drive a car on the Street, the car must be Street Legal.

To be Street Legal, the engine must be able to operate on Gasoline that is Street Legal.

The Emissions Legal Gasoline that is available at the Gas Station is pumped out of the “Gas Pump” which is why this Street Legal Gasoline is referred to as “Pump Gas” as opposed to Race Gas that normally comes from a Barrel or Drum of Racing Fuel.

The term “Pump Gas Racing” is our new definition of real Street Legal Drag Racing since this lower octane emission legal gasoline is what really separates a car that can actually operate on the Street from a race car that requires racing fuel to operate, drive and race.

The ability to operate on emission legal “Pump Gas” is what makes a car street legal and capable of driving on the street.

This is why we created “The Pump Gas Challenge” to get back to the real world of Street Legal type drag racing where real heavy weight cars that actually operate on low octane pump gasoline can race in ”Heads Up” Drag Racing Competition.

The rules and regulations are intended to maintain the street legal status of high performance cars entering race competition, which requires the use of street legal gasoline that is regularly available, nationwide with a maximum (R+M/2) 94 Octane rating. This pump gas fuel requirement is necessary to demonstrate that the car is capable of driving and racing with gasoline that is street legal and commonly available at a regular gas station.

The Pump Gas Challenge attitude is that pump gas racing is not just about how fast you go; it's about how you go fast, in a street-legal high performance muscle car that runs on pump gasoline with a maximum octane rating of (R+M/2) 94.

Race Format

Race Start - Pro Tree .500 Light
All Pump Gas Challenge classes are a heads-up drag race that will use a Pro Tree .500 light. Technically, the Pro-Tree will light all three amber lights simultaneously, with a five-tenths of a second delay between them and the green light. The Pro-Tree .500 light style racing allows both racers to start the race at the same time on a green light.

Race Categories
Supreme Street Class – Unlimited Performance with maximum 28” tall tires & only using Pump Gas
See Race Rules section for more information about Supreme Street Class rules.

Ultra Street Class - Maximum 13.5” width sidewall designated D.O.T tire. Octane additive allowed.
See Race Rules section for more information about Ultra Street Class rules.

Pump Gas - Octane Tech
Octane is the rating given for the fuel's ability to resist detonation or pre-ignition.

There are 3 components to rating Octane:

Research Octane Numbers (RON)
Motor Octane Numbers (MON)
Pump Octane Numbers (PON)

The Pump Octane Number is usually noted on the yellow decal at gas stations and represents the average of the (RON) & (MON) octane ratings. To find the Pump Octane rating the Motor octane and the research octane are added together R + M ÷ 2 provides the Octane rating.

Some fuel companies advertise RON because it's higher and usually easier to come by. But MONs are more relevant and most important for a racing application.

Since octane is the rating of the fuel's ability to resist detonation or pre-ignition, a lower octane rating will limit the performance of racing engines and reduce the performance of power adders. This is why a comprehensive understanding about the limits of pump gas can be beneficial to maximize performance and to minimize potential octane related problems.

The Pump Gas Challenge Race Event Schedule for 2007
The first official Pump Gas Challenge race will commence at Quaker City Raceway in Ohio. This is the place to get fueled up and pumped up about the first official Pump Gas Challenge racing event.

May 19, 2007 - Atco Raceway, Atco, New Jersey

June 23, 2007 - Cecil County Raceway, Rising Sun, Maryland

July 7, 2007 – US 131 Motorsports Park, Martin, MI

August 11, 2007 - Thompson Raceway Park, Thompson, Ohio

September 22, 2007 - National Trail Raceway, Hebron, Ohio

October 20, 2007 – SGMP, Valdosta Georgia (

Please note that additional Pump Gas Challenge races will be added to this schedule. Please monitor the Pump Gas Challenge Race Schedule for new race dates.

Qualifying and Race Format
The entry fee for all Pump Gas Challenge Race classes is $50.00.

Prize money payout will be based on amount of entries.

A full 32 car class to race will pay $500.00 to win and $250.00 for 2nd place.
A 16 car entry to race a class will pay $300.00 to win and $150.00 for 2nd place.
An 8 car entry to race a class will pay $200.00 to win and $100.00 for 2nd place.
A four car entry will pay out $100.00 to win and $50.00 for 2nd place.
A two car entry will race for a trophy and the title of race class winner.

Qualifying will take place during Saturday afternoon and racers should be at the track by 10:00 a.m.

The race is scheduled for Saturday. Testing will be available Saturday morning and qualifying will start Saturday afternoon with eliminations are scheduled for late afternoon or early evening depending on the schedule of events. Racers should be at the track by 10:00 a.m. to register for the race. A cruise is scheduled for all participants from between 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.

Prize money payout will be based on amount of entries.

Ned Erkman - President of the Pump Gas Challenge Drag Race Series
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